Direct Links To Beef Bourguignon Recipes

TIP: One of the excuses that people give for not cooking is the lack of time. And if you cook only one thing at a time, you're wasting a precious opportunity for making your time yield more.

So if you know that you're going to be in the kitchen making beef bourguignon, plan to make two or three more dishes at the same time.

Since the oven is going to be on for some time, one of these should require baking. For me, this could be one of my staple dishes like a frittata (italian omelette that you start on top of the stove and finish in the oven), or maybe some meat balls.

On top of the stove, I would be steaming some broccoli (to sauté later with olive oil and garlic, or eat cold next day in a salad). I could also boil some potatoes to use as home fries later on in the week, wash some lettuce, make carrot sticks to have on hand for a snack, etc.

As they say, the possibilities are endless...

Happy Cooking!