Welcome to Beef Bourguignon

Welcome to the One and Only Website Specializing in That Great Classic of French Cuisine: Beef Bourguignon!

Call it beef bourguignon, beef Burgundy, boeuf bourguignon, or boeuf à la bourguignonne, everyone who has tasted it agrees it's one of the finest dishes ever invented.

Recently, thanks especially to the movie Julie and Julia, the whole world is getting acquainted with Julia Child -- the great cook, personality and cookbook writer who popularized this dish back in the 'sixties, thanks to her Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
Some of us are merely remembering what a great influence Julia Child was in our cooking life, not only in what we cooked, but also how we cooked it, how we presented it, what we served with it, and how we shared food with our families and friends. 

Thank you, Julia Child! I dedicate this website to your memory.

What Will You Find Here?
  • My Own Favorite Beef Bourguignon Recipe. This is the beef bourguignon we served in my first restaurant, back in the 1970s.
  • A Superb Beef Bourguignon Slow Cooker Recipe. Until now cooking beef bourguignon in a crock pot had not produced very good results. This is the recipe slow cooker owners have been dreaming of!
  • The Julia Child Beef Bourguignon recipes. I'll bet you didn't know there was more than one! There's the one from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and the one from From Julia Child's Kitchen, one of my favorite cookbooks, and probably others, as Julia was constantly testing and learning.
  • More Beef Bourguignon Recipes. A careful selection of recipes from reliable sources, proving that even with a favorite dish, a little variety can be welcome.
  • Ingredients, Tips, Techniques and Chef's Secrets to make your BB experience even more outstanding!